Thursday, August 16, 2007


Why does moving have to be such a big freaking deal? It's exhausting to even think about!

By the end of the month we're moving to a warmer climate and it's totally nerve-wracking. Moving that far away is just such a daunting ask. I have to prioritize my belongings for the first time in my life. What can I get rid of? What is a necessity? What would I prefer not to have to replace? What is irreplaceable? What has sentimental value? So many questions running through my head at all times of the day. I can't help but classify every item as I look at it or use it. Even now, as I sit in my chair, I wonder if it would be better to get a new chair when I move.

I HATE getting rid of things. I know it'd be a cheaper move, but I worked so hard to have what I have and to have things that I actually like. Now I may be starting all over again. I've been reminded over and over again that I can surely find things I like in the state I'm moving to. I ant to scream every single time I hear that.

On top of all that, it's not exactly fun moving to small kids and a large dog a few states away. I can't even begin to explain my trepidation of the actual move because of this.

I'm also moving away from everyone and everything I know. I'm close with my mother and when she moved three hours away it just absolutely killed me. Now I will be moving even further. I will only see my friends and family maybe two or three times a year. I'm used to seeing them for every holiday and event, but I can't really drive back and forth every month or two.

If there's anyone that's reading this; let me know how you have dealt with moving to an unfamiliar area before. Any tips for coping?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shopping and Children

I swear I am so flipping tired of going to a store and dealing with the judgmental people there. It's really starting to get to me and I can't believe some of he things they say to whom ever is with them like I'm not going to say something back!

Awhile back I took my son to Wal-Mart with me. While walking along near the toy aisle he slipped and fell, bumping his knee into the corner of a shelf. I'm sure it hurt like hell, so he began crying. He was not screaming, merely crying in pain. That is a perfectly normal reaction of a four year old child. Well, shortly after that a couple came around the corner and gave me the nastiest look ever. The husband proceeded to say lound enough so that I would hear, "Some people reaslly need to keep their children at home if they can't behave in public."

Seriously, I think to myself, he did not just say that.

I looked up and asked him what the hell his problem was. His reply was that he's tired f spoiled, whiny brats being allowed out in public places. Yes, he did say that... exactly those words. And if that wasn't asinine enough, his wife added that some people just shouldn't be allowed to have children if they can't learn how to break them. Break them? They aren't fucking horses, lady! God, I hope she doesn't have any children.

I look at them and ask them exactly how a four year old is supposed to react when he slips and smacks his knee on the fucking corner of a shelf. The only answer I got was an in unison eyeroll. What the fuck ever... I just left, feeling proud that I managed to walk away without strangling both of them.

I get that some kids are wild and out of control in stores and restaurants, but not every kid is. There is never a reason to make those particular comments unless you saw what happened and you know that the child is definitely being out of control and crazy.

Ugh! I know this isn't particularly coherent, but I'm irritated right now and couldn't care less. Maybe I'll edit it more later.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Domestic Violence

Last night I had one of my brothers friends show up on my doorstep. His phone rang at almost the same time as I opened the door. After hearing a rather intriguing one-sided conversation I asked him what the hell was going on. His response was that he was going to jail for domestic violence.

Now I have to tell you that I was shocked. Not that he's perfect by any means, and him and his girlfriend fight A LOT, but abuse? No way! I couldn't imagine it. So after getting the whole story I am saddened by how I'm afraid this is going to go down. I'm not necessarily saying he was right, but I understand where he was coming from.

For the past month or so Jane has been hitting him and pushing him around. He would tell her to stop and try to ignore it. Sometimes it was done in jest, other times not so much, but every time it was hard. Well, last night they were fighting yet again and she demanded that he leave. He told her that he would, but he wanted to finish changing his daughter's diaper first. As their baby lay on top of the three foot high changing table she started pushing him. He told her to knock it off because if he fell, Susie might as well. She continued to push and when he finally yelled at her to KNOCK IT OFF she picked up the very dirty diaper and threw it at his head. Then she smacked him across the face. He snapped and pushed her down. That's it.... he pushed her. Well, in the fall she split open her lip and called the cops as he walked out the front door.

Now Mike is probably going to go to jail and Susie is going to be left with a very unhinged mother who thinks nothing of drinking and driving with her daughter in the car. The police have already completely bought her story and it doesn't seem to matter what Mike has to say at all. He's the man and he shouldn't be pushing around a woman.

Well I say a very resounding Fuck That! I think anyone, male or female, has the right to defend themselves. How can woman fight for equal rights and then turn around and cry about someone hitting them back. I say if you want to hit your significant other then you'd better be able to take it in return. I'm so sick and fucking tired of seeing men tired of being treated the way Mike was, or even worse, get the shaft when they finally do something about it. I can't believe that he is going to have his life ruined and lose his daughter because of the fucking lame ass "damsel in distress" bullshit Jane is pulling. Everyone has seen her totally lose her shit at one time or another and Mike typically doesn't respond well, but he NEVER hit her... even though I would have in the situation. There's even been a time that I had to lock her out of my house because of the shit she was pulling. I have two young kids and I don't need them to see that.

I guess all I can do at this point is hope that the judge can see through her phony good girl bullshit and truly see the psycho bitch underneath it all. And if he does I hope Mike goes after custody of Susie with all he has. I'll be there to back him up through the whole ordeal!

Friday, August 10, 2007

First Offical Blog

First off let me say how hesitant I am to use the word "blog". It always seems to carry such negative connotations. Instead, I shall just call it my place to publicly rant about things that piss me off and possibly share a bit of my life.

I will warn you now that I will probably have more than my share of grammatical errors, but before any Grammar Nazis attack just remember... I don't give a shit. This is for me to vent and not solely for the entertainment of you. I will write in any style I chose. I'm happy if you happen to get some sort of enjoyment out of what I write, but to me that's not what's important.

I will also let you know right off the bat that the name I use is NOT my real name. I will probably never reveal it because I value my privacy and even more, the privacy of my family and friends. On the off chance a co-worker of my husband were to stumble across this blog, I would prefer him to not get harassed just because his wife decided to go off on a tangent because his skills in bed the last couple of nights were lacking... not that I ever would need to rant about that!

I will delve into whatever subject has me in a tizzy at the current moment. If that includes the latest antic antics of my children then I will. I know there are a few people out there that think we should never discuss our children, but well.... fuck them. If my daughter cuts her hair for the THIRD summer in a row I WILL talk about it if I'd like. That doesn't make me a bad mother as some believe. If I complain about something my children have done that doesn't mean that I don't have the ability to discipline my children properly and I let them run amok. ALL kids do things time to time. The parents aren't always horrible, evil beings. Overall, my kids are polite, well behaved, well-adjusted children. They are an absolute joy to be around. However, I encourage their individuality as well. I want them to make some mistakes. If I repeatedly tell my son to stop rocking his chair at the table and he continues to do so I will not tell him to stop when I see that he clearly is going to take a fall this time. As long as there is nothing dangerous around I'll let him fall. You learn best by making some mistakes, rather than everyone just telling you not to do it I don't feel as though that deems me to be a bad parent.

Okay, now that I went on for awhile about that I'm sure you're wondering what the hell provoked that (if not, well, I don't care).

I recently started reading a few entries from a very opinionated, and wonderful person called Violent Acres. As an example of how she feels about "mommybloggers" go here. She is amazingly honest in her entries, but there is a lot of animosity towards people who blog about their children. It got me a bit worked up just because I don't have very many friends nearby that have children and it's nice to see some people going through some of the same issues I am. I feel less alone seeing another mother OR father blogging about what their children are currently going through.

Aside from the "mommyblogger" thing, there are a few other areas where I disagree with what she has to say. However, there are quite a few entries that I can't get over the brutal honesty of them. I just don't get the big uproar over what she has to say. Just because she challenges the norm doesn't make her an inherently bad person. I think it's admirable that she survived the childhood she went through and has not become someone's bitch. I have seen far too many people come out of neglectful or abusive childhoods just to search out that kind of relationship as an adult.

Now I'm done with that because she isn't the focus of this blog at all. I just wanted to acknowledge that I think she has a wonderful site.... even if I do disagree with some of the things she has to say.

Tomorrow I'll do a bit better of a job introducing myself to everyone. Right now... it's time to end this rambling.